In order to elucidate the potential functions of transcripts, we integrated several well-established annotation tools into this annotation web-server, FunctionAnnotator. Recent development in the high-throughput sequencing (HTS) technology makes it feasible to sequence the complete transcriptome from a non-model organism or even metatranscriptome from environmental samples. The next challenge after generating hundreds of millions of reads is to annotate these transcripts and classify the transcripts based on their putative functions. Since most of the biological scientists do not have the knowledge to install Linux software packages or to maintain different databases used for transcript annotation, we developed an automatic annotation tool with an easy-to-use interface.

FunctionAnnotator provides annotations for GO terms, enzyme identification, domain identification, lipoprotein identification, transmembrane domain identification, subcellular localization annotation, etc. User can upload FASTA file containing contigs and select which type of annotations they want and all annotation results can be explored or downloaded for further analysis.

Please cite "Chen TW et al., (2017) FunctionAnnotator, a versatile and efficient web tool for non-model organism annotation. Scientific Reports if you used FunctionAnnotator in your study.

The previous version of FastAnnotator was published in BMC Genomics.
Please cite "Chen TW et al., (2012) FastAnnotator: an efficient transcript annotation web tool. BMC Genomics 13:Suppl 7, S9" if you used FastAnnotator in your study.